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Xingxiu Yan

11-13 Graduate

Xingxiu Yan
Native place: Shizhu, Chongqing
Email: 2018106490010@whu.edu.cn
Education and Career:
2014.9-2018.6 B.S. Degree, Chongqing University
2018.9-now Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry, Wuhan University
Research interest: Electrocatalytic C-H bond activation, MOF, Nano-materials, Lithium-sulfur Battery, Surface Engineering
“Configurations, band structures and photocurrent responses of 4-(4-oxopyridin-1(4H)-yl)phthalic acid and its metal-organic frameworks”, Yan, Xingxiu, Qiu, Xiandeng ; Yan, Zhishuo ; Li, Hongjiang ; Gong, Yun ; Lin, Jianhua. Journal of Solid State Chemistry.2016,237, Pages 313-322. DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2016.02.041

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