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Dali Yang

01-26 Graduate

Dali Yang
Native place: Qingdao, Shandong
Email: dali9123@gmail.com
Education and Career:
2009.9-2014.6 B.S. Degree, Nanjing University
2014.9-now Ph. D. Candidate, Organnic Chemistry, Wuhan University
2015.12-2017.12 Ph.D. exchange student, Chemical Science and Engeneering, Argonne National Lab, IL, USA.

Research interest: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy application in Catalysis.
“Direct Observation of Reduction of Cu(II) to Cu(I) by P–H Compounds using XAS and EPR Spectroscopy” Yi, H.; Yang, D.; Luo, Y.; Pao, C.-W.; Lee, J.-F.; Lei, A. Organometallics. 2016, 35 (10), 1426.
“Unravelling the hidden link of lithium halides and application in the synthesis of organocuprates”, Hong Yi‡, Dali Yang‡ (co-first author), Jie Xin, Xiaotian Qi, Yu Lan, Yi Deng, Chih-Wen Pao, Jyh-Fu Lee and Aiwen Lei*. Nature Comm. 2017, 8, 14794-14799.
“Supported Single-Site Ti(IV) on a Metal-Organic Framework for the Hydroboration of Carbonyl Compounds”, Zhiyuan Huang, Dong Liu, Jeffrey Camacho-Bunquin, Guanghui Zhang, Dali Yang, Juan M. López-Encarnación, Yunjie Xu, Magali S. Ferrandon, Jens Niklas, Oleg G. Poluektov, Julius Jellinek, Aiwen Lei, Emilio E. Bunel, and Massimiliano Delferro, Organometallics, 2017, 36 (20), 3921-3930.
“Well-defined, isolated, single-site organovanadium( iii ) catalyst on SiO2 for unprecedented liquid- and gas-phase hydrogenation of alkenes and alkynes under mild conditions.”, Sohn, H.; Camacho-Bunquin, J.; Langeslay, R. R.; Ignacio-de Leon, P. A.; Niklas, J.; Poluektov, O. G.; Liu, C.; Connell, J. G.; Yang, D.; Kropf, J.; Kim, H.; Stair, P. C.; Ferrandon, M.; Delferro, M. Chem. Commun. 2017, 53 (53), 7325.
“A stable rhodium single-site catalyst encapsulated within dendritic mesoporous nanochannels”, Tian, J.; Yang, D.; Wen, J.; Filatov, A. S.; Liu, Y.; Lei, A.; Lin, X.-M. Nanoscale 2018, just accepted.

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