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Aiwen Lei

 Prof. Aiwen Lei  
College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
  The Institute for Advanced Studies
  Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072 (P. R. China)
  Fax: (+86)27-6875-4672
  E-mail: aiwenlei@whu.edu.cn

  Prof. Aiwen Lei (08/1973)
  ORCID 0000-0001-8417-3061
  ResearcherID G-8033-2015
  Scopus Author ID 7003632949

  Prof. Lei’s author profile published on Angew.Chem.Int.Ed., 2011, 12136.



  Ph. D., Organic Chemistry, July, 2000, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), China Supervisor – Prof. Xiyan Lu

  B.S., Chemistry Education, July, 1995, Huaibei Normal University, Huaibei, AnHui Province, P. R. China

Research Experience

·        2005.3- Professor of Wuhan University

·        2003.8-2005.3, Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, with Professor James, P. Collman

·        2000.8-2003.8 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, the Pennsylvania State University, with Professor Xumu Zhang

·        1995.9-2000.7 Graduate Studies, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS, China (SIOC)


Selected Awards

·   The Third Batch of National Million Plan Leader, 2017

·   Overseas Chinese (Innovative Talents) Contribution Award, 2016

·   The National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Talents, 2015

·   The Roche Chinese Young Investigator Award, 2015

·   Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, FRSC, 2015 

·   Second-Class Natural Science Award of Liaoning Province, 2014

·   Overseas Chinese (Innovative Talents) Contribution Award, 2014

·   Youth Chemist Award of the Chinese Chemical SocietyPhysical Organic Chemistry, 201

·   Committee of the Chinese Physical Organic Chemical Society, 2014

·   Chinese Chemistry SocietyRoyal Society of Chemistry Young Chemist Award, 2014

·   Guest Professor, University of Münster, 2013

·   Asian Rising Stars (15th ACC Meeting), 2013

·   Hubei Province Youth Medal, 2013

·   NanKai University Lectureship on Organic Chemistry,2013

·   First-Class Natural Science Award of Hubei Province, 2012

·   Eli Lilly Scientific Excellence Award in Chemistry, 2011

·   Lectureship Award under the New Phase Asian Core Program on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia, Singapore, 2011

·   Lectureship Awardee of Asian International Symposium for Outstanding Young Scientists, 2011

·   Lectureship Award under the New Phase Asian Core Program on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia, Japan, 2011

·   National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, China, 2010

·   CAPA (Chinese-American Chemistry & Chemical Biology Professors Association) Distinguished Faculty Award, 2009

·   Chinese Chemistry SocietyJohn Wiley Young Chemist Award, 2008 

·   Royal Society Chemistry Journal Grant, 2008

·   Synthesis & Synlett  Journal Award, 2008

·   Wuxi Pharmtech Biological & Organic Creative Award, 2007

·   Luojia Scholarship Professor (Wuhan University), 2007

·   Outstanding Young Scientist of Hubei Province, 2006



Book Chapters


1)      Lei, A. W.; Jin, L. Q. Case Study of Mechanisms in Synthetic Reactions in Organic Chemistry – Breakthroughs and Perspectives, eds. Ding, K. L.; Dai, L.X. Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2012, August
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Selective Publications

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(5) Wang, Huamin; Liang, Kailun; Xiong, Wenpeng; Samanta, Supravat; Li, Wuqin; Lei, Aiwen. Electrochemical oxidation-induced etherification via C(sp3)─H/O─H cross-coupling. Sci. Adv. 2020, 6, eaaz0590.
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