About Our Group 


Prof Aiwen Lei’s group was founded at Wuhan University in 2005 as a research, education and application center with strong support by College of Chemistry & Molecular Sciences (CCMS) and Wuhan University.


The research of the institute is mainly focused on three areas where chemists could make major contributions to green catalysis.

  • Our research focuses on developing novel and efficient bond-formation methods catalyzed by transition metals. Currently, we are interested in the oxidative coupling, which avoids difficult oxidative addition and makes bonds between two nucleophiles.
  • We are also interested in small molecule (such as O2, CO, H2O2, C2H4, ClO2-, etc.) activation with an emphasis on applying such molecules in efficient synthetic methods.
  • As an important character of our research, in-depth understanding toward the reactions is the other focus. Recently, we revealed a second transmetallation reaction, which could occur in the Pd-catalyzed coupling reaction as a fundamental step. In addition, kinetic studies in our laboratory quantitatively disclosed the rate of reductive elimination of Csp2-Ni-Csp2.


















































Our Motto





The only three characters in our group (an)(zuan)(mi) stand for three levels we pursued in doing research. They are the core of our culture and spirits.Maybe every member has his own understanding, however, when it take into action, Ambition, Passion and Hard-working become every member’s co-features.

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