Ph.D Dissertation Defense: Wu Li, Yi Deng, Lu Wang, Jing Li, Ben Cheng

On May 30th, 2015, five Ph.D candidates presented their work during their graduate studying period. Titles of their thesis are listed below:

Wu Li(李武): Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylation of Amines
Yi Deng(邓轶): Investigation of Kinetics and Active Intermediate of Palladium and Copper-Catalyzed Catalysis
Lu Wang(王露): Oxidative Carbonylation and Isomerization Involving Olefins
Jing Li(李靖): Kinetic and Mechanism Research of Elementary Reactions in Coupling Reactions involving Organozinc Reagents
Ben Cheng(程奔): Coupling and Addition Reaction involving Transition Metal——from Mechanism Investigation to Synthesis Applications
Defense committee:
Chairman: Prof. Wenjing Xiao(肖文精), Central China Normal University
Members: Prof. Guochuan Yin(尹国川), Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Prof. Zhongxing Jiang(江中兴), Wuhan University
Prof. Daiwen Pang(庞代文), Wuhan University
Prof. Hexiang Deng(邓鹤翔), Wuhan University