Dr. Chao Liu

Chao Liuchao



College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, P. R. China

Tel: (+86)-18942912425

Email: chao.liu#whu.edu.cn




09/2007-06/2012: Wuhan University, PhD Candidate of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Supervised by Prof. Aiwen Lei

10/2008-10/2009: Durham University, Visiting PhD student, Department of Chemistry, Supervised by Prof. Todd B. Marder

09/2003-07/2007: Wuhan University, Bachelor of Science, College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences




06/2012 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award, 1st Class

05/2012 Academic Innovation Award for Graduate Student, Special Class

05/2012 Excellent Graduate of Wuhan University

05/2012 Top Ten Academic Star Students of Wuhan University

04/2012 One of the Splendid Ten Students of Wuhan University in 2011

10/2011: Chinese Academy of Sciences Scholarship

08/2011: 7th China Youth Science and Technology Invention Prize

07/2011: Best Poster Presentation Award in OMCOS16

12/2008: Zhang Gaoyong Scholarship for Excellent Students

10/2008: China Scholarship for oversea study

07/2007: First-class prize of Excellent Dissertation for bachelor’s degree in Hubei Province


Research Experience


Jun/1/2013-Aug/31/2013 Visiting Scholar at Institute for Molecular Science. With Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi

July/16/2013-July/27/2013 Visiting Scholar at Nagoya University. With Prof. Kenichiro Itami

07/2012-present: Postdoc Fellow of Wuhan University, Organic Chemistry. With Prof. Aiwen Lei

09/2007-06/2012: PhD student of Wuhan University, Focused on: Transition-Metal Catalyzed Cross Couplings of Activated Alkyl Halides. Supervisor – Prof. Aiwen Lei

10/2008-10/2009: Visiting PhD student of Durham University, Focused on: Structure and reactivity studies of palladium enolates. Supervisor – Prof. Todd B. Marder

02/2006-07/2007: Undergraduate student of Wuhan University, Focused on: Transition-Metal Catalyzed alpha-arylation of Carbonyl Compounds. Supervisor – Prof. Aiwen Lei




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