Prof. Meixiang Wang and Prof. Liu-Zhu Gong Visited Our Lab

Prof. Meixiang Wang  (Tsinghua University)  Prof. Liu-Zhu Gong(University of Science and Technology of China) visited our lab on 5th.Dec. In the afternoon, they gave us two wonderful lectures  respectively. Prof. Wang’s lecture was entitled with “Recent Advances in Supramolecular Chemistry of Heteracaclixaromatics: Understanding of Anion-лInteractions and Copper-Catalyzed Arene C-H Bonds Activation”, and Prof Gong’s lecture’s title is “Organocatalysis Combined with Metal Catalysis”. After the lecture, they also discussed several questions with Prof. Aiwen Lei and students. We really learned a lot from Prof. Wang and Prof. Gong’s lecture. At night, Our students had a  deep discussion about their works. We really appreciated Prof. Meixiang Wang and Prof. Liu-Zhu Gong’s kind discussion and good suggestions.