Prof. Negishi gave a lecture at the Luojia Lecture, Wuhan Univ.

In the afternon of Oct. 22nd,2012, Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi gave a Luojia Lecture entitled with “Pursue  your  dreams  with  eternal  optimism!——d-Block  transition  metal  catalysts  in  organic  synthesis  for  a  sustainable  and  prosperous  world  in  the  21st  century  and  beyond ” to all the students in Wuhan University in new library.

During the lecture, prof. Negishi gave a brief introduction about his research odyssey, and how his work was taken seriously and important, and finally won the Nobel Prize in 2010. Prof. Negishi also showed his recent works to the audience. During the lecture, prof. Negishi stressed it for several times that it is very important to have the abilities of research, creativity, exploration and independence in scientific research. After the lecture, he also answered the students and prof Aiwen Lei’s questions.

Also, prof. Negishi was invited as an honourary professor of Wuhan University.



10月22日,诺贝尔化学奖获得者、美国普渡大学布朗化学研究室特聘教授根岸英一(Ei-ichi Negishi)登临珞珈讲坛第52讲,并被授予武汉大学名誉教授称号。





Prof. Negishi was giving the lecture.

Audience attended

Invited as presenter of Luojia Lecture and爃onourary professor of Wuhan University.

Communicating with students

Answering Prof. Aiwen Lei’s questions.