Monthly Archives: October 2014

Prof. William D Jones Visited Our Lab

Prof. William D Jones(professor of chemistry, university of Rochester, the subeditor of JACS) have paid a visit to our lab on 30th October 2014, and gave us an very interesting report named:” Synthesis and Energetics of Tp’Rh(L)(R)H: A Systematic Investigation of Ligand Effects on C-H Activation at Rhodium”. After the seminars, Prof. Aiwen lei and students had a positive discussion with him.


Dr. Peter Goelitz and Dr. Eva Wille Paid a Visit

Dr. Peter Goelitz (Chief editor of Angewandte Chemie International Edition) and Dr. Eva Wille (Vice President and Executive Director for Global Chemistry, Wiley-VCH),paid a visit in Wuhan University, in Oct 15, 2014, and invited to give us an excellent report entitled with “From Angewandte Chemie to Chemistry–An Asian Journal ACES, Impact Factors, And Open Access”. Dr. Goelitz and Dr. Wille introduced how Angewandte Chemie developed from the native journal to a famous international journal. The development depended on they innovation. Based on the blossom of the Asian chemistry, they established a new Journal: Chemistry–An Asian Journal ACES. After the report, Prof. Aiwen Lei and other professors had a positive discussion with Dr. Goelitz and Dr. Wille.