Monthly Archives: April 2014

Prof. Kenichiro Itami Visited Our Lab

Prof. Kenichiro Itami paid a visit in Wuhan University during Apr. 17-20, 2014, and was  invited to give us an excellent reports entitled with “Catalysis and C-H Activation for Advanced Biology and Materials Science”. After the seminar, Prof. Aiwen Lei and students had a kind discussion with Prof. Kenichiro Itami.

Prof. Kenichiro Itami is now the  professor of Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University. The main emphasis of his research is on the development of new synthetic methods, strategies, and concepts to solve challenging synthetic problems for realizing ideal chemical synthesis and for generating as-yet unexplored molecules of significant interest.


Welcome Prof. Anny Jutand to Our Lab!

Prof.燗nny Jutand will pay a visit to our lab during Apr.03-Apr.26 and will give us two lectures about electrochemistry and electrosynthesis.