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Prof. David Milstein and Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi Visited Our Lab

Prof. David Milstein and Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi visited our lab,  in Oct 14, 2013, and were invited to give us two excellent reports. Prof. David Milstein’s report was entitled with “Discovery of metal-catalyzed reactions for sustainable chemistry”, and Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi’s report was entitled with “Development of High-Performance Catalytic Organic Transformation Systems via Molecular”. After the seminar, prof. Aiwen Lei and students had a kind discussion and exchange with two professors.

Prof. David Milstein is now a professorial appointment at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His research interests focus on the development of fundamental organometallic chemistry and its application to the design and implementation of new environmentally benign processes catalyzed by transition metal complexes. And he had received the Israel Prize (Israel’s highest honor) in 2012.

Professor Uozumi’s research interests are extremely broad and include catalytic molecular transformations in water under heterogeneous conditions; versatile and environmentally benign catalytic reactions; and instantaneous catalytic molecular transforming systems, through, in addition to minute structural design of molecular catalysts, synergistic reaction driving/controlling with cooperation of the catalysts with reaction media and/or reaction equipment.



Prof. Shu Kobayashi Visited Our Lab

Prof. Shu Kobayashi Visited Our Lab and gave a wonderful lecture entitled with “New Catalysts for Powerful and Efficient Organic Synthesis” in Oct. 8th, 2013. After the seminar, he had a kind discussion and exchange with students.

Shu Kobayashi is currently Professor in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Professor Kobayashi’s research interests are extremely broad and include development of new synthetic methods, development of novel catalysts (especially chiral catalysts), organic synthesis in water, solid-phase organic synthesis, total synthesis of biologically interesting compounds, and organometallic chemistry.




雷爱文教授于28日下午应邀为参加会议的专家学生做了一场精彩的大会报告——“Oxidative Coupling——Chemistry between Two “Nuclephiles””。同日下午,我组师仁义同学的墙报“Palladium / Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative N-Dealkylative/Carbonylation”被荣幸授予“优秀墙报奖”。

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