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Prof. Lei Attended The 15th ACC and Won Asian Rising Star

Prof. Lei Attended The 15th Asian Chemical Congress, Singapore during Aug. 19-23, 2013, and won the Asian Rising Star.

Also , during the 15ACC, prof. Lei took the opportunity to join the circle of “Angewandte friends”(The photo below).



The 6th Catalysis Symposium was Held

The 6th catalysis symposium was hosted in Wuhan University in August 30, 2013.

During this amazing day, Professor Kenichiro Itami, from Nagoya University, gave a perfect seminar named ‘Catalyst-Enabling Chemistry toward Transformative Molecules’. Professor Ning Jiao, from Peking University, gave an impressive seminar of ‘Highly Efficient Methodologies via Aerobic Oxidation and Oxygenation’. Professor Sawamura Masaya, from Hokkaido University, gave a wonderful seminar entitled with‘Transition Metal Catalyzed Directed Borylation of C(sp2)–H and C(sp3)–H Bonds with Immobilized Phosphine Ligands’. Professor Yu Lan, from Chongqing University, gave an inspiring seminar about‘Mechanism, Reactivity, and Selectivity —- A Theoretical Investigation of Some Organometallic Reactions’. Professor Xile Hu, gave a full of praise lecture of ‘Base metal catalysis for cross coupling of alkyl halides and C-H alkylation’. After which, Mr. Youquan Zou, from Prof. Wenjing Xiao’s group in Huazhong Normal University, gave the lecture of‘Visible light photoredox catalysis: applications in organic synthesis’. And Mr. Hong Yi, from Prof. Aiwen Lei’s group in Wuhan University, gave a lecture of‘Oxidative Coupling —New ways to realise and understand’.

After the council, the professors attended the badminton game between Prof. Aiwen Lei’s group and Prof. Wenjing Xiao’s group and had a detailed discussion with Prof. Lei and students the next day.

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