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2013年6月24日下午,雷爱文教授课题组成员一改往日埋头做实验的工作状态,而是集体来到了华中师范大学逸夫化学楼,同该院肖文精教授课题组进行深入的学术交流。四个小时的学术报告会上,先后有两校共六名优秀学生登台演讲。武汉大学雷爱文教授课题组派出一名博士生、两名研究生进行了工作报告,他们分别是: 陆庆全(题目:dioxygen Induced/paticipated radical reactions)、师仁义(题目:Palladium / Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative N-Dealkylative Carbonylation for the Construction of Amide Derivatives)、易红(题目:A Breakthrough In Cross- Coupling : Cu(I) / Cu(II) Catalytic Cycle In Aerobic Reactions);华中师范大学肖文精教授课题组同样有三名学生进行了精彩的报告,分别为:程鸿刚(题目:Design, Synthesis and Application of New Sulfoxide Ligands)、邹有全(题目:Visible Light Induced Multicomponent Reaction with H2O and DMF)、段淑文(题目:Catalytic Asymmetric Cascade Reaction for the Construction of Oxindole Core)。六位同学演讲过程中,台下不断爆发出热烈的掌声。这是一场学术的交流,更是一次智慧的碰撞。在报告会最后,武汉大学雷爱文教授精彩的总结更是鼓舞了在场所有的同学。



Master’s Dissertation Defense: Jing Hao, Jiwen Yuan, Jun He and Zhiliang Huang

On May 26th, 2013, four master candidates presented their work during the two year graduate studying period. Titles of their thesis are listed below:

Jing Hao: Heteroaromatic Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines Synthesis from C-H/N-H Oxidative Cross-Coupling/Cyclization

Jiwen Yuan: Iron-catalyzed Oxidative Coupling Reaction Based on Acyl Radical

Jun He: Palladium Catalyzed Carbonylation Reactions of Aryl Halides with Sodium Alkoxide as Base

Zhiliang Huang: Kinetic Investigation and Mechanism Study of AlCl3 Promoted Friedel-Crafts Acylation Reactions

The defense committee announced success of the four students’ presentations after a short discussion.

Defense committee:

Chairman: Prof. Huanfeng Jiang(江焕峰), South China University of Technology

Members: Prof. Wenjing Xiao(肖文精), Central China Normal University

Prof. Zaoying Li(李早英), Wuhan University

Prof. Cheng Wang(汪成), Wuhan University

Associate Prof. Shaoru Wang(王少儒), Wuhan University

Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Chuan He & Hua Zhang

Two excellent  Ph.D candidates in our lab gave their doctoral dissertation defenses on May 27th, 2013.

The chairman of the dissertation committee is Prof. Chen-Ho Tung (佟振合)(academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS), and other four members are Prof. Huanfeng Jiang(江焕峰) (South China University of Technology), Prof. Lei Liu(刘磊) (Tsinghua University), Prof. Jingui Qin (秦金贵)(Wuhan University) and Prof. Xumu Zhang(张绪穆) (Wuhan University).

Firstly, Mr.Chuan He presented his work with the title of “Transition Metal Copper and Silver Mediated C-N and C-C Coupling Reactions and Mechanistic Investigation”. One of his main works is copper-catalyzed C-N and C-C bond coupling reaction and corresponding mechanistic investigation. He mainly used operando IR, in situ XANES/EXAFS as the tools to reveal the elementary reactions and discuss the active catalyst species in the coupling reactions. Another of his work is silver-mediated oxidative C-H/X-H functionalization / cyclization for the novel synthesis of heterocycles.

Then Mr. Hua Zhang presented his work with the title of “Carbonylation Reactions Involving CO Gas”. One focus of his work is the palladium-catalyzed oxidative carbonylation including the C­­–H carbonylation of heteroarenes and the double C­–H carbonylation of diary ethers. Another part of his work is the transition-metal-free alkoxycarbonylation of aryl halides. Due to his continuous interests on carbonylation reactions, the green and straightforward synthesis of highly important carbonyl frame works such as heteroaryl esters and xanthones derivatives has been achieved by the novel developed carbonylation reactions.

After the presentation, Chuan He and Hua Zhang answered the questions asked by the dissertation committee members and students.